7 Statements for the rest of your life

From a recent talk I attended, I’d like to give my commentary on how I interpreted these advice statements on life. Watch the video before reading my versions of how they apply to me, as how I view each statement and how the speaker explains his side will vary. I challenge you to come up with your own response. You’ll be able to grow through introspection of the points outlined below.

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1/28–2/3 Week In Review

Social Media Marketing and Online Dating

People are meeting each other on apps more than real life. pictures and videos become more important in making your first impression to potential matches. Therefore you should follow the same principle on social media as real life: be interesting, or don’t be boring. Live in the moment, but document bits and pieces to provide the minimum social proof to others that come across your profile. the medium is the message so what will you make your message be? Instagram is seen as your highlight reel, so actively pursue opportunities to make highlights.

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Weekly Review: 1/27

Self Care:

I go to a weekly church service where the topic of choice is “self care”. In this weeks lecture, the discussion was over how you need to not look for the next step in life but rather enjoy the present. Life is an infinite game and we can’t help but look at the next steps. We focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do, and the infinite power we have to create. Thinking “if I had XYZ, then I’d be happy” is allowing something external (money, sex, attention) to fill a void that only true relationships with other people and your faith can fill. Self care in this sense is done with the network of people that care for you.

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Sticking to Resolutions in 2019

A couple weeks into the New Year and many are staying strong with their resolutions.

Those that are struggling may find it helpful to read books such as Atomic Habits or follow blogs like Praxis for productivity advice. I’ve compiled some thoughts from a few reputable sources that give the most bang for your buck. And added a couple tools for tracking and monitoring progress.

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Train Right for Your Personality Type

I have a hard time training with regular gym-goers. I hate it when I see “resolutioners” come through the door and get into the squat rack. Freaking hate it. Three months later, it’s like they were never there.

It’s depressing. Why come to the gym if you aren’t motivated enough to put a consistent effort? Are you not seeing results? Bored with your current program? What gives?

The answer is too simple for most to believe: it’s all in your head.

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