Product Review: Tiege Hanley

For those that don’t know…
I have a huge man crush on Aaron Marino.

As a result, I’ve watched many of his videos and determined that he gives quality information (some on the more nsfw side) that young men don’t get as part of their transition to adulthood. He’s a gifted marketer and has built many brands, one of which I have consistently used for the past couple years and that I think you should too. Here’s why:

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What You Wished Your Dad Taught You: Lessons from Models By Mark Manson

Why can’t most men attract and seduce the right women?


Millennial men are going out with the intention of bedding women, then complain how they either can’t get women or don’t seem to match up with the right women.


How can we solve this?


How do we increase our chances of finding and attracting the girl that we want?

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Programs That Work

I’d like to consider myself a reputable source when it comes to training athletes and programming for myself. With that point, there’s a ton of “fluff” programs out there that don’t give you a template to progress infinitely. There’s an audience out there for getting “ripped in 6 weeks” but what happens after the 6 weeks? Chances are, we lose all the definition and gains that we worked toward.

If you want to stay lean year round or not have to resort to a brutal 6 week diet and training program to get back to where you were, give these programs a try. These have withstood the test of time and are manageable to do no matter how much time you have to train during the week.

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