1/28–2/3 Week In Review

Social Media Marketing and Online Dating

People are meeting each other on apps more than real life. pictures and videos become more important in making your first impression to potential matches. Therefore you should follow the same principle on social media as real life: be interesting, or don’t be boring. Live in the moment, but document bits and pieces to provide the minimum social proof to others that come across your profile. the medium is the message so what will you make your message be? Instagram is seen as your highlight reel, so actively pursue opportunities to make highlights.

In a similar vein, show the process of what you do from day to day. If you are trying to build a skill, post the day 1, 2 and so on to have a backlog of content to show people coming across your profile. Rant about things you want to take a stance on. Polarization is key to attraction as it causes people to choose a side since you drew the line in the sand. Have clear views and be able to articulate your point. Sure you may be wrong, but you are taking your current world view and putting it on display for people to either agree or disagree. Those that interact can either 1)help update your world view or 2) agree with you and already have a reason to follow/match with you.

On the limits of Budgeting in Personal Finance

There are quick diminishing returns when it comes to budgeting in personal finance. You reach a limit to how much you can take out. Usually the biggest expense is rent and commute, which sacrificing either may be more problematic than trying an alternative. The best alternative is to find other ways of increasing income. Make use of the unproductive time you have (watching Netflix, scrolling through the explore page, etc) and figure out ways to develop your skillset or produce content for others. The easiest and lowest barriers to entry are writing and video/audio content. Everyone and their mother has a podcast or Youtube channel nowadays. Learn how to write well and often. Test out your theories on twitter to gain feedback on your ideas.

There’s a commonality with the two ideas: producing content generally increases both income and visibility to expand your network and relationships. People gravitate toward those that have an opinion and show the process of them going from shit to halfway decent. We enjoy the rags to riches story because it humanizes us and those watching. We gain a sense of mutual suffering. We all can relate to pain and struggle with something that doesn’t come easy.

On achieving a personal best every day

Dopamine is a hell of a drug. Whether we produce it in our brain or supplement through drugs, we can’t seem to get enough. When we learn how to control the biological happenings inside of us, we set ourselves up to be in a more productive and gainful state. Having a physical example of improvement produces dopamine in the brain. That motivates us to keep improving as the next “personal best” is around the corner. Find ways to beat a former best. Westside systems always shoot for a rep max that you’ll beat from week to week, then change it up so you can beat a record in another variation. Running programs have you focus on beating one record in a certain distance and publishing those results to compete and show improvement over time. It’s all about dopamine and how we can force our bodies to produce it. Feed the beast and it will work for you.

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