A Personal Update - The Long Road

I strive to make my connections as deep as possible. In order to build and maintain these connections I’ve decided to create a newsletter - The Long Road.

The Long Road is a journey along my life. The experience I pick up along the way is what I want to share with you to bring you up to speed on my projects, learning, and travel on a weekly basis. Knowledge sharing accelerates our lives to greater opportunities, and this is my contribution to that process.

I started this newsletter as part of The Year of Doing - my manifesto in growing through experience rather than thinking about “what if?”

You can sign up here

Before I begin, I want some feedback on what you have and haven’t seen on my site. You can reach me by e-mail or social media and give me your thoughts on:

  • What do you like?

  • What do you not like?

  • What do you want to read and hear more about?

I want to give you the best value in what I write and create. Your feedback is essential to making that content even better.

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve done the following:

  • Created and redeveloped my own website - gjsequeira.com

  • Taken an online course on writing to develop my personal brand - Write of Passage

  • Completed a Spartan Race - more on that in a future post

  • Written a long form post of what type of training I follow

  • Read and taken notes on books that resonate with me

And we’re only 6 months in! So much more to experience and explore. Here’s what I’m planning on completing by the end of this year

  • Buy/rent my own property in a house hack

  • Take on a few online coaching clients

  • Continue my writing and posting on my site

  • Create an online training program for people to simplify their fitness life

  • Read even more books over training, self development, learning, and more!

  • Hire a coach/take a class on skills I want to develop (dancing, Spanish, etc)

As these change I’ll update y’all on them.

Side Note - As I’ll be moving to Baton Rouge in Mid-June, any help with places to look, people that are looking for a place to live, places to check out while I’m there would be much appreciated!

Some things that I found interesting in the past couple weeks…

  • Here’s an interesting method in improving your eyesight by using the same principles of training (progressively increasing the difficulty over time). If you have shitty vision like me, this is a good and cheap experiment to try out and build your “eye muscle”

  • I’ve been using Notion for the past couple months and think it might be a great way to organize my projects. I’ll report back on how it will work best for me. in the meantime, check this article out. I’m currently using it to work on my move to Baton Rouge and it is a great repository for all the information I have.

  • Creating systems and shortcuts in your thinking and daily work is the best skill you can have to accelerate your career. Here’s a system to create your own.

Welcome to The Long Road…

GJ Sequeira