Product Review: Tiege Hanley

For those that don't know...

I have a huge man crush on Aaron Marino.

As a result, I’ve watched many of his videos and determined that he gives quality information (some on the more nsfw side) that young men don’t get as part of their transition to adulthood. He’s a gifted marketer and has built many brands, one of which I have consistently used for the past couple years and that I think you should too. Here’s why:

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Ease of Use:

The tagline is Uncomplicated Skincare for Men, and damn they hit the nail on the head! Depending on which level you choose, you get a standard set of cleanser, serum, eye toner, scrub, and morning/evening moisturizers. Sounds like a lot, but the presentation out of the box is super simple and easy to follow. I go through the routine every morning and evening and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the process. My skin doesn’t feel dry or oily, rather rejuvenated and ready to go.


I’ve already touched on how automatic the process is. They even give you a card to reference if you ever forget! What happens when you run out? Tiege has already thought of an answer, by customizing your refill date. You can set the shipment of the next set to any amount of days (depending on your frequency of use). I have mine set at 40-50 days, as I use a bit less than recommended on the card.


 For a complete set without any affiliate codes, a base price of $40 (Level 3) per shipment is a steal. Sure you could find the same type of things at the store, but they all come in non standard sizes and stores don’t all carry the same brand. I’ve been through doing it on my own, and have recommendations if you want to go that route. If you want to save the headache, go with Tiege, and you’ll never have to worry about it again.


With the amount of pros I’ve listed, it seems that Tiege has put on the perfect product. I do have a couple gripes that I’ve experienced over the past couple years. I have gotten into the situation where all the products don’t run out at the same time. Particularly with the super serum, I run out of that the fastest and tend to have more AM/PM creams than I can manage. with the standard sizing of the containers, I hope that in the next iteration they may get some feedback on what people run out on first in order to adjust their portioning. I believe that Tiege is the best option for men’s skincare systems right now. Highly recommend and hope that they keep on improving over the years. I am not affiliated with Aaron but feel that people that are on the fence should get a review that answers many questions that come with a new(er) product.

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