The Year of Doing

I have “resolved” to make 2019 the year of doing instead of consuming. I’ve been inspired by people like Nat Eliason, David Perrell, Tiago Forte, and many others that writing and speaking are skills that are underdeveloped. I suck at writing. I am meh at speaking. The best way to not suck is to practice. Therefore, I am committing myself to a few things:

  1. Writing consistently every week and sharing them on Medium/my personal blog

  2. Making videos and sharing them (on social media/Youtube) every week

  3. Developing my own content (reviews, guides, templates) to give to those that follow me

This year is where I will synthesize the information in my head into meaningful bits of information that people can find online. I’m tired of hearing others pontificate what they are going to do and never actually going through with their plan. My example will show that execution is where real self development is grown. The different types of topics and media won’t always work. But I can gain knowledge and experience from my mistakes in order to become a better writer.

And that’s not where it ends either. I’ve stifled a bit of my other hobbies for the sake of planning what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve been stuck in a paralysis by analysis and not really developing skills that would give me more opportunities in business, relationships, and enjoyment out of life. This is the year that I immerse myself in what I love doing and becoming the next evolution of me.

What does this mean?

I’m committing myself to going to hip hop classes and other dance classes to develop my skills in choreography. I love dancing. I enjoy teaching others the way I dance. I want to put myself back in a group that shares that same excitement in movement with a beat.

I’ve succumbed to being lazy when it comes to connecting with my heritage. I do not speak Spanish fluently, and that limits my connection with my relatives. In every place I’ve lived Spanish is a useful language to know when in restaurants, in unknown areas, or in the workplace. The next steps to attaining fluency deal with getting a teacher and immersing myself as much as possible. I’m open to suggestions on what online teachers can help. I commit to be fluent by the end of 2019 if not sooner.

I’ve been in the corporate world for almost 4 years. I’ve made connections that are solid and others that need work. With the help of specific tools I’ve been able to rekindle those connections. It’s intriguing to see the responses I get from people I haven’t talked with in months or years. I’m happy to see that some are working in new places, new companies, or starting their own. Friends have pitched their own ideas for a business or monetizing their hobbies to me. I want to be the connector of these people and be able to bring them together in one place more frequently. It’s like in cheesy high school movies when the jocks and the nerds come together and realize that they aren’t so different and have similar goals. As in high school I hung out with both crowds, I want to be in the same role with my different friend groups. Having dinners where the focus is on a certain topic and bringing together the many interesting backgrounds of the people I’ve met over the years. The concept has been proven and implemented in many places. So why not be able to do it where I’m at?

The irony of this post is that all of what I am writing is what I’m planning on doing. Nothing has happened yet. Nothing may happen for a week, a month, half the year. This may all just be an exercise in futility. And I’m freaking excited that everything might just blow up in my face. I want to be on the highs and lows because it means I’m living and learning. I want to share the journey with you so that I have motivators and detractors along the way. As an athlete, I had an internal drive and teammates to share the journey with. I’m bringing you along to my team so that we can enjoy the journey together. Here’s to a year of creating more and consuming less, and putting execution and doing over procrastination for fear of failure.

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