Week in Review 2/4-2/11

Thoughts on nutrition, the art of tidying up, and building a following of people that like you for you

On Nutrition

Calories are always king when trying to manipulate your weight. When you look at every diet trend that has come along it comes in different ways of limiting the amount of calories you consume. The only difference is how they market. Intermittent fasting is a great way to reduce calories because it’s hard to consume a ton of calories in an 8 to 16 hour window without feeling sick. Keto is a great way to lose weight because it limits the amount of carbohydrates that you consume. Fats are more calorie dense, but we don’t tend to snack on them as we would chips, cookies, etc. Whole 30 is what “paleo” is to most people, as close to the source as possible. Natural foods tend to satiate us in lesser amounts than processed food. When we feel full, it’s difficult to eat further.
In the end it’s about what will limit your calorie intake: your willpower or what you limit yourself to eating. Dieting/nutrition should be a long term sustainable process. You should have a good relationship with food as you become more intuitive with what you need to live your best life. The moment you feel guilty about having a snack or not being able to enjoy yourself at thanksgiving dinner is when you should reassess your plan.

We are looking for consistency rather than perfection. As long as progress moves incrementally forward over the long term you are on our way to a healthier life.

On Tidying Up

The principles of tidying up can apply to all facets of life. Throw out what doesn’t bring you joy and what you don’t see making you happy in the future. Learn from what you have done in the past and throw it out to make room for new happiness and fulfillment. 

On Building a following

Who are your true fans that would buy anything you decided to make? Excluding close friends and family, who do you have the closest relationships to? We’re defined by the lives we touch and the impact it makes. As the older sibling I’m drawn to coaching as a way to leave my mark on younger guys and athletes. I have a little brother and as a result from training now have many other “brothers” on their journey athletically and academically. I established my rapport by showing them things I knew worked. From there I had their trust to follow whatever I recommended based on past experience. It follows with people finding you online and see what you write or pontificate about. Develop rapport and relatability by showing what you’re working on, where you’re struggling, what you did to get past it, and the next step in the process.

It doesn’t matter how many thousands of followers you have on instagram if you are trying to make a quick buck from using your discount code. If you truly want to make a difference and get paid for it, consider narrowing your scope of audience and developing relationships with the 1000 people that are close to you. It’s more manageable than remembering ten thousand or a million names and allows you to hone down your niche. Akin to practicing one skill instead of being a jack of all trades, focus your intent on what the thousand truly want and you’ll be able create a community uniquely yours.

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