The links below are a starting point in developing crucial aspects of your lifestyle. I'm passionate about making sense of the vast information of the internet and giving practical advice from what I learn. Below is an evergreen list of people and resources I have used to level up my life.


Primer - Lifestyle articles and outfit inspiration. Less frequent posting, but longer form and quality content


Series to Read

  • Style Getups: Each one of these getups balances style with substance at a manageable price. I personally check these out at the start of each season to gain inspiration and steal a few looks for my own.


Alpha M - Visual lifestyle advice and fashion tips. Can get kinda "markety" at times but gleaning a few takeaways from each video is pretty common.


Videos to Watch 

  • Style - I’ve collected a playlist of the basics that Aaron has rehashed quite a bit. You’ll find a lot of good and simple hacks and rules to follow when developing your style


  • Grooming - NSFW disclaimer, Aaron talks about the nether regions in some of these videos. Men should be taking care of how they groom every part of their body, and especially their face, hair and beard. Check this playlist out for tried and true methods that help.



Health and Fitness

Ian Markow - anything mobility related and he provides it free of charge. You can go to his site and get more in depth programs, but if you run through a few videos and commit to daily practice you'll be way ahead of the rest of the meatheads


Videos to Watch


  • PAILS/RAILS Series - An acronym for controlling your body through expanding your range of motion. Pick a body part and get going


  • CARs Series - the extra work you can do to keep your body running smooth



Athlean X - making the most out of exercises you already do, applying the science to how and why to do certain movements, and occasionally some entertainment value with his intros. Solid information and weekly posting.


Videos to Watch

  • After looking through my notes and playlist on Jeff’s videos, I believe each one is beneficial for the beginner to advanced athlete to watch. I use a tip from 95% of the videos I watch on his channel. Absorb and apply everything Jeff says.



Just Fly Sports - Cutting edge sport science and sprinting work. Joel's podcast has interviews of coaches working on the fringes of sprint and sport training. Can become somewhat dry but if you're about getting faster, jumping higher, and improving your natural performance this is the source


Notable Episodes:

  • Christian Thibaudeau: from neurotyping to how to develop the most robust athlete, the series that Joel has with Thib is in depth and applicable to athletes, coaches, and parents of all stages


  • Adarian Barr: These talks with Adarian are like talking about relativity with Einstein, except with biomechanics. Using basic principles to explain how to become a faster and more powerful athlete



Power Athlete HQ - Sport and Meathead training programs and articles. Really entertaining podcast with tons of shit talking and a little bit of training insight. They offer solid training programs for getting Field Strong and Jacked.


Notable Episodes

  • Raph Ruiz - A long talk with a mentor of the crew that is still developing and honing in on his knowledge.


  • Cal Dietz - This nerd could give Stephen Hawking a run for his money when it comes to athletic training. And could probably get Hawking hella athletic too


  • Fred Hatfield - A legend that carries the knowledge of the greats. This will help knowing what methods have withstood the test of time.


Dr. Peter Attia - A more recent addition to my reading/listening. The biggest nerd when it comes to improving your life through medical science and research. Do yourself a favor and give his podcasts a listen, or get a subscription and see the notes.


Notable Episodes

  • Matthew Walker Series - Everything you need to know on how and why to sleep better if you didn’t want to read his book.


  • David Sabatini - Want to live longer? Cutting edge longevity research discussion you don’t want to miss.



Nat Eliason - "Millenial Renaissance Man" that runs life and business experiments. Most recently his transition to a B&M store for his company Cup and Leaf. His writing/speaking is a good balance of pontification and application.


Notable Articles

  • Made You Think - The only source for long form book discussion (and tangents) on books you should/need to read.


  • Level 3 Thinking - Short form explanation of how to know what type of thinker you are, and how to level up



Jordan Harbringer - Master of Networking that has varied guests on his show, chugs out at least 3 podcasts and a few articles each week with worksheets to apply the practical knowledge. Highly recommend if you are trying to improve yourself


Notable Episodes

  • James Clear - Great overview and application of Atomic Habits


  • Robert Greene - One of Greene’s few interviews on his books. I enjoyed the nuance and addition to the text that he adds during this conversation



David Perell - another "Millenial Renaissance Man" that seems to have a network of just the right people to create and spread his ideas and projects. He's the main inspiration for why I have made a commitment to writing more.


Notable Links


  • How to Maximize Serendipity - Seems self explanatory, but becoming a better and healthier person self selects and tends to make similar people gravitate toward you. Follow these rules to become someone worth meeting.


Shane Parrish - The cool kid that was thinking about mental models before mental models were cool. His repository of insights and building inventory of podcast guests never fails to teach me something new about how myself and others think as well as how to constantly improve from past failures


Notable Episodes

  • Adam Robinson - The best two part interview in the history of the podcast. Get a pen and paper, or find PodcastNotes. Apply these methods and principles immediately to accelerate your development.


  • Howard Marks - It’s not about making the right choices, but avoiding the wrong ones.I plan on writing about discovering Marks through this podcast. There’s such a backlog of information that he’s documented and he only gives a teaser in this interview.