I’m passionate about making sense of the vast information of the internet and giving practical advice from what I learn.

Below is an evergreen list of people and resources I have used to level up my life. I hope with this list you’ll be able to spend more time improving yourself and less time searching for good information.


Dappered – Deals on staple clothing, a few one of pieces and finding clothes on a budget

Primer – Lifestyle articles and outfit inspiration. Less frequent posting, but longer form and quality of content

Alpha M – Visual lifestyle advice and fashion tips. Can get kinda “markety” at times but gleaning a few takeaways from each video is pretty common.


Ian Markow – anything mobility related and he provides it free of charge. You can go to his site and get more in depth programs, but if you run through a few videos and commit to daily practice you’ll be way ahead of the rest of the meatheads

Athlean X – making the most out of exercises you already do, applying the science to how and why to do certain movements, and occasionally some entertainment value with his intros. Solid information and weekly posting.

Just Fly Sports – Cutting edge sport science and sprinting work. Joel’s podcast has interviews of coaches working on the fringes of sprint and sport training. Can become somewhat dry but if you’re about getting faster, jumping higher, and improving your natural performance this is the source

Power Athlete HQ – Sport and Meathead training programs and articles. Really entertaining podcast with tons of shit talking and a little bit of training insight. They offer solid training programs for getting Field Strong and Jacked.

Leveling Up

Nat Eliason – “Millenial Renaissance Man” that runs life and business experiments on himself. Most recently his transition to a B&M store for his company Cup and Leaf

Jordan Harbringer – Master of Networking that has varied guests on his show, chugs out at least 3 podcasts and a few articles each week with worksheets to apply the practical knowledge. Highly recommend if you are trying to improve yourself

David Perell – another “Millenial Renaissance Man” that seems to have a network of just the right people to create and spread his ideas and projects. He’s the main inspiration for why I have made a commitment to writing more.

Shane Parrish – The cool kid that was thinking about mental models before mental models were cool. His repository of insights and building inventory of podcast guests never fails to teach me something new about how myself and others think as well as how to constantly improve from past failures

General Health

Dr. Peter Attia – A more recent addition to my reading/listening. The biggest nerd when it comes to improving your life through medical science and research. Do yourself a favor and give his podcasts a listen, or get a subscription and see the notes.

Dr. Matthew Walker – THE expert on sleep science and how to apply it to our lives. He released a book not too long ago summarizing all the research on sleep to that point. I still reference it, and probably should follow it more, when it comes to improving my performance through sleep

Dr. Tom Incledon – The Meathead Doctor that crosses the barrier between strongman athlete and intellectual. Dr. Tom is focused on improving his patients lives and freely shares what he finds both in the studies and in the field. Plus he’s super strong. Be like Dr. Tom.