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This is my home on the internet, where I'll write and review my favorite things: training, sports, technology, health, longevity, relationships, and learning. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Let's go over a few things...

About Me


I'm starting a podcast - The Morning Commute - discussing my ideas and thoughts about the day during my morning drive to my 9-5 job

My writing focuses on the practicals of daily life, balancing a 9-5 with other side hustles, and becoming  a "Renaissance Millenial"

Dallas born

Houston raised

I publish a weekly newsletter called The Long Road

It's a collection of the most interesting things I've read/learned/experienced over the past week. I think you'll enjoy it.

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To give you an idea of how I think/train/work/learn, here are a few perspectives

Perspectives on Working out/Training

Make a habit of doing moving with intent every day

Progressively increase the difficulty of whatever you do

Always be learning and never discount any method of training

Health and fitness is a long game, you don't need shortcuts


Perspectives on Learning

Have mental models of the wold as you observe it, and update them constantly

Read and research things that test your views

Realize every discipline is connected

Commit to sharing your ideas with others and obtaining feedback